MIT Wright Up in Cambridge

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology paid tribute to the
100th anniversary of man’s first powered flight Wednesday by perching a
replica of the Wright brothers’ plane 150 feet high, atop the school’s
Great Dome.The rough replica, which appeared to be made of 2-by-4 wooden
planks and some sort of plastic or cloth sheeting, was discovered by MIT
police just after sunrise. Its wingspan was about 45 feet, said Bob Sales,
a spokesman for MIT.

"It’s pretty authentic-looking from the ground," he said.

There is a long tradition of such pranks — known locally as hacks — on
the Great Dome. The perpetrators are rarely identified, though many leave
instructions about how the prank was constructed and how it should be disassembled.
Students once turned the dome into a huge jack-o’-lantern and another time
it with a red-and-white beanie, complete with a spinning blue propeller.

from Channel
5 Boston

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