And They Expect Us to Believe this Stuff

As a rule, the Dowbrigade doesn’t believe in coincidence. Since all
things are connected, understanding the significance of any particular
"coincidence" merely involves delving the hidden connection between the
coincidentally related events.

In addition, as regular readers know, the Dowbrigade is attracted to
bizarre tales involving madness and heavy weaponry, especially cases
in which ordinary citizens snap under the stress of modern society and
go crazy with heavy weaponry in proximity to icons of capitalistic consumerism.

when Mark Anthony LeBreton was accused of shooting two people inside
a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Worcester, Mass. on Monday with
an AK-47 while wearing body armor, my ears pricked up. When we read
that he had been arrested the next day on Interstate 88,
in Worcester, NEW YORK, after a police chase at up to 88 miles per
hour, our coincidence antenna began to vibrate.

But it gets even weirder.  Today the Globe reports that yesterday
that Mary Day, a highway toll collector in upstate New York, called a
friend in Everett early
yesterday to report a holiday gift was headed his way.  The Massachusetts
friend, also a toll taker, thanked the New York friend and in passing
mentioned the Worcester shooting suspect on the lam who was reportedly
driving a 2003 white Chevrolet Silverado pickup and possibly heading
for New York.

Less than 15 minutes later Mark Anthony LeBreton pulled up to the exact
lane at the exit outside of Schenectady, N.Y. where Mary was working
and handed the alert toll collector his ticket.  She punched it,
all right, and dropped a dime.

”I don’t feel like a hero,” Day told Fox-TV news yesterday. ”I was
just glad I was at the right place at the right time.”

When we finally get to the bottom of this one and decipher the multiple
coincidences therein, we shall reveal the truth. The Dowbrigade is on
the case.

from the
Boston Globe

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