You Either Get It Or You Don’t – Dean Doesn’t

media doesn’t seem to know quite what to make of Howard Dean’s Internet
strategy. Unfortunately, neither does Dr. Dean. Although his campaign
has unlocked the digital doorway to mucho dinero, almost all of that
money is being shoveled directly into Major Media coffers as fast as
it comes in.

Today’s Boston Globe has an interesting article on the campaign’s
struggle to turn virtual meeting space enthusiasm into comparable meat
space enthusiasm.  Judging
from the Dowbrigade’s personal perusal this could be quite a challenge
for Dr. Dean. Yesterday at a Town Meeting in Manchester, NH his
up-close and personal pitch was met with polite applause and subdued
approval, but no cheers, whistles or exuberance, rational or otherwise.

Dean’s campaign has revolutionized the art of fund-raising with its
success, using the Internet to raise millions in contributions. Less
however, is the success of Dean’s campaign in using the Internet as
an organizing tool. In Iowa and New Hampshire, sites of the first two
delegate-selection contests, the campaign has relied primarily on traditional
shoe-leather methods, using paid field staffs, phones, and the Postal
Service to reach and identify Dean voters. These voters will be contacted
and "pulled" to the polls as part of a get-out-the-vote operation
on caucus and primary days next month.

from the
Boston Globe

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