We Think We Used to Be Married

A group of friends allegedly stole their pal’s body from a morgue
and took it to their favourite bar in Peru to mourn it.

According to the newspaper Peru 21, the body of 47-year-old Olga Riva was
stolen by her friends who took it to the bar, Viuda, in Junin, to pay their
respects to their dead friend.
But a few hours into the wake, police arrived and took the body back to
her family. Several of the friends were arrested.

A police spokesperson said: "Mrs Riva’s husband Felix knew exactly
where the body was because he knew the friends had some kind of pact to
say their last goodbyes over a couple of beers in their favourite bar.

These people HAVE to be relatives of my first wife……BTW the name
of the bar means "Widow" in Spanish.

from Ananova

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