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Dowbrigade and Son Kidnapped in Peru

Posted by glasscastle on January 6th, 2004

I recently came across
some notes I took shortly after being kidnapped by Tupac Amaru guerillas
in Peru. It all came rushing back, and inspired a posting concerning
Michael Jackson, the Crocodile Hunter, NYTimes columnist Nicolas Kristoff
and myself, which you can hopefully read in this space tomorrow. Meanwhile,
back to the kidnapping:

I first suspected that something was seriously wrong when I saw the ski
masks. Since we were in the middle of the desert, almost directly on
the equator, I realized the chances of snow were slim. I considered
the possibility that I was dreaming, but a million tiny details told
me this was real. The air on the ancient bus was fetid; too many people
crammed into a space too small for far too long. It was 3 a.m. and
the rustles, snores and tiny private groans of people trying to sleep
filled the close confines.

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12 Responses to “Dowbrigade and Son Kidnapped in Peru”

  1. kaye trammell Says:

    FINISH! 🙂 Yes, we all want you to finish the story!

  2. Chris Says:

    This is a horrible post. How can you end it like that?? You have to finish it.
    (Ok it isn’t a horrible post. It is one of the most compelling entries I have read on a blog.)

  3. Michael Feldman Says:

    The response has been overwhelming.  I promise I will finish this story at the latest this weekend.  Please come back and look for it then…..

  4. Michael Feldman Says:

    For anyone who is interested, I can attest to the fact that this is a TRUE story. I have known Dowbrigade all his life, plus 9 months and I can also say with certainty that he has been known to stretch the truth upon occassion. Upon hearing this story directly from the young man on the left in the photo, who also happens to be my grandson, I’m here to tell you that my hair began to turn gray from that day onward. Read the rest… it’s worth it. Michael’s Mother

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