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It’s So Cold….

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

It’s so cold today the Dowbrigade saw a Lawyer with his hands in his own pockets!

It’s so cold that the words come out of our mouths in chunks of ice and we have to fry them to see what we said…

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Lisa Williams Spins Off Baby Joe

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

Congratulations to the lovely Lisa
for finally giving birth to
Baby Joe Williams, see here meeting his big brother, 28-month-old Rowan.
We wish her and Joe all the best as they explore the wonders of
motherhood and babyhood, respectively. The Harvard Bloggers avidly
await her return to the Thursday night meetings….


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Serial Bigamist Has Good Excuse

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

January 8, 2004 — A brazen bigamist has told a judge why she married 27
times – without ever divorcing – in a lucrative immigration scam: because
she was a single mom.

I was a single mother on public assistance," Mother of all Brides
Dezerrie Cortes told a Manhattan judge in a stunningly nervy "Have
Mercy" letter made public yesterday, as she was led out in cuffs
to serve six months in jail.

Dowbrigade covered
this story
when it originally hit in August. Six
months in jail is all she got! That’s only a week per marriage! After
27 weddings one would think she might enjoy
and solitude,
Just one question – does she have to return the wedding gifts? Now there’s
one for Miss Manners.

from the New York Post

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Its So Cold My Coffee Froze

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

A glass is good, and a lass is good,

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Kim Jong-il, Psycho Killer and Party Animal

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

new biography of Kim Jong-il, President of North Korea, by British author
Michael Breen, titled "Kim Jong-il: North
Korea’s Dear Leader," paints a bizarre and contradictory portrait of
the eccentric Communist.

Breen is a veteran British journalist with 20 years’ experience
in Korea. A review in the Korea
Economic Reader
describes the book as "an adventure, filled with horror,
merriment and commentary running from the wry to the ribald." Some excerpt
from the review offer insights into the reclusive leader:

To characterize Kim Jong-il, for instance, the author cites an unconfirmed
incident in which the Dear Leader, after a hard night of drinking with
friends, grants a "fellow party animal" permission to execute
his wife. The apparent reason was that the wife was distressed at how
dissolute her husband had become in the Dear Leader’s company and had
impertinently complained about it in a letter to Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong-il,
who liked to party, preferred that his father be kept in the dark.

Recounted later is Kim Jong-il’s bizarre kidnapping of a film industry
couple from the South in an apparent effort to improve the quality
of movies made in the North. The infamously luxurious train journey
three years ago that Kim took across Russia to meet President Vladimir
Putin is colorfully recalled, complete with fresh lobster and dancing

Mr. Breen makes a passing effort to be fair. Though describing him
as a man who was once the world’s greatest consumer of wildly expensive
French cognac and who often had naked women on hand for various festivities,
Mr. Breen writes that "there are no consistent reports to suggest
that the North Korean leader is particularly debauched, at least no
more so than your average businessman in Asia."

Despite the obvious and terrible suffering of the North Korean population,
the Dowbrigade finds it strangely comforting that there remain a few bizarre
and colorful
megalomaniacs left in the world, in the oversized tradition of Papa Doc
Duvalier, Haille Sellassie, Idi Amin and Juan Peron.

We know that sounds callous and snotty, but consider how much more entertaining
these guys are than the straight laced, boringly gray but infinitely more
successful megalomaniacs running the United States these days. Be that
as it may, this book sounds like an interesting read on a cold winter night…

from Korea
Economic Reader
(subscription newsletter)

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Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by glasscastle on 9th January 2004

A British woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis is raising money
to fight the condition by posing topless on the internet.

Under the banner "Tits out for multiple sclerosis",
Vix, from Glastonbury urges visitors to her VixPix
to donate
to the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre.

Vix says she got the idea after winning £10 for a multiple sclerosis
charity by flashing her boobs in a pub.

The Dowbrigade used to date a girl who said she had Single Sclerosis, although that may have been a strategym to avoid our advances…..

from Ananova

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