(Reuters) – For Californians who can’t get enough of bodybuilder turned
film star turned governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a brewery in
the neighboring state of Oregon is offering a new full-bodied beer labeled "The

Portland-based MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co., which brews a popular regional
beer of the same name, came up with the idea for the strong brew just
before the holidays last year and has seen brisk demand for the ESB,
or extra special bitter ale.
Called "The Governator Ale," the label features a man flexing
his muscles beneath a logo of the state of California with the words "Pumpin
Iron Brewing" superimposed on top.

The beer, which is also higher in alcohol content, comes in oversized
22-ounce (625-ml) bottles that retail for about $2.99 each. It is available
in California but, so far, distributors in the states of Oregon and Washington
aren’t interested, said company spokeswoman Renee Daniels.

from Reuters

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