Paris Hilton Pushes Princess from Blackwell List

ANGELES (Reuters) – Paris Hilton, the 22-year-old socialite whose
unclothed exploits made headlines last year, found new, fully-dressed
fame on Tuesday.

The hotel heiress was named worst dressed woman of 2003 by Hollywood’s
self-appointed fashion guru Mr. Blackwell, topping a list that included
singers Britney Spears, Madonna, Shania Twain and Courtney Love.

"Grab the blinders, here comes Paris. From cyber disgrace to red carpet
chills — she’s the vapid Venus of Beverly Hills!" quipped Blackwell.

Second place on the closely-followed annual list went to Madonna and Britney
Spears, who Blackwell dubbed the "Kissin Cousins of Couture Crimes" after
their much publicized smooch on a music awards show last year.

Many of his perennial victims — Cher, Barbra Streisand and various members
of the British royal family — failed to make it to the list.

The worst-dressed list was rounded out by pop star Jessica Simpson (5th), singer Celine Dion (6th) “a half-sequined scarecrow, half-gaudy acrobat,” rap star Missy Elliott (7th), actress Melanie Griffith (8th), singer Courtney Love (9th), and actress Lara Flynn Boyle, who was derided for turning up to an awards show dressed as a ballerina.

from Reuters

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