Get Lucky – Try the Funky Monkey

How long before the Democratic primary race degenrates to the point
where the press in grilling the candidates on the underlying question
of the day – boxers or breifs? Here’s a good solution for the caring
candidate who wants to corner the Asian demographic, and garner a little
good luck at the same time.  Hey, it can’t hurt!

Note to Norma Yvonne: Only a week left ’til Chinese New Year, and your
ever-loving hubby can use all the luck he can get this year…….

SINGAPORE (AP) – Women in Singapore are buying their husbands special
Lunar New Year briefs, hoping to bring them good fortune and increase
their sexual potency.

Women are also buying themselves "Funky Monkey" panties specially
designed for the year of the monkey, featuring smiling cartoon primates.
The Lunar New Year begins on Jan. 22 and is celebrated by the Chinese
diaspora around the globe.

But the most popular style is bright red briefs for men featuring Chinese
characters for wealth and prosperity, said Jeannette Cheong, owner
of the underwear store ButtOn Trendy Undies.

from the AP

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