Looking Good – King of the Bunless Burgers

The low-carb Atkins diet has really hit the mainstream.  The delicious-looking
offering pictured above is the newest item in the Burger King menu –
a Whopper, hold the bun. Hope it works out better for them than for the
Dowbrigade, who has gotten into trouble in the past for bun holding…..

CHICAGO (AP) – It has come to this in America: Burgers are losing their
buns. Some of them, at least. Burger King’s rollout of breadless Whoppers
this week is a nod to the low-carb craze that’s sweeping the nation –
and the latest evidence that the burger wars are taking a turn for the

Smaller chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. dumped the bread from some hamburgers
last month, going lettuce-wrapped instead, and TGI Friday’s restaurant
has started serving a bunless cheeseburger, too.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s, the other two largest burger purveyors, aren’t
biting on bunless for now. Spokesmen for both those chains, which have
added entree salads and taken other steps to assuage customers’ diet
concerns, said Wednesday they have no plans to include bunless burgers
on their menus.

from the AP

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