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Head Scarf Snafu Spreads Worldwide


French government has gotten itself into deep doodoo, again, on the subject
of head scarves in public schools. One would think they would be worldly
enough to realize the futility and disaster inherent in trying to tell
teenagers what they can or cannot wear.

So to compound their idiocy, they also banned Christian crosses and
Jewish yarmulkes from school grounds, effectively alienating all the
sons and daughters of Abraham equally.

Still, it is the Muslims who are protesting the ban in the streets not
only of France, but around the world, and in our opinion they have a
point.  As far as we know it is not a sin in Christendom to go
without a cross around your neck. 90% of Jews never wear a Yarmulke
and another 9% do so only on the Sabbath, when school is not an issue.

But for millions of Muslim women keeping their heads covered is an integral
part of their identity, and forcing them to go bareheaded would surely
cause shame, impaired academic performance and high drop-out rates.

For crying out loud, all they want to do is wear a scarf to school.  Aren’t
the French cosmopolitan enough to simply consider this accessorizing?
Why aren’t all the other kids wearing their own scarves with designs
the French
flag or Jerry Lewis portraits, in a show of solidarity reminiscent of
the thousands of Dutch citizens who wore the Star of David in defiance
of the Nazi attempts to marginalize Jews?

As one Muslim girl said, "It is shocking, and it is infuriating. These
teachers say that we cannot wear the veil because it is a provocation.
But there
are girls who wear a thong that shows all their derriere, and that is
considered acceptable."

She went on, "Let’s get to the truth of it. They don’t like Muslims.
They are afraid of Islam."

PARIS (Reuters) – Chanting “the veil is my choice,” thousands of demonstrators
marched through Paris on Saturday in protest at a looming ban on Islamic
hijab headscarves in French state schools.

Muslims in the Middle East and London also challenged the ban. In Beirut,
more than 2,000 women protested. Thousands of Palestinian women marched
in Gaza City and the southern Gaza town of Rafah. "Where is democracy,”
they chanted.

from Reuters

Does it feel cold in here to you?



Firefighters in Bangor, Maine, Friday, Jan. 16, 2004, use a snorkel
truck to put water on a stubborn blaze in an historic building. The
building, which housed a Masonic lodge and three businesses was
reported on fire Thursday night. Sub-zero temperatures and wind chill
created ice and snow several feet deep at the base of the building.(AP Photo/Michael C. York)

News Happens So Fast These Days



from Adam Curry