Wanted: Comprehensive Political Calendar

After an extensive search, we finally found an iCal calendar called American Politics and Government with most of
the presidential primaries and some of the debates.  However it is
clearly incomplete.  For example it lists only two primaries for
next Tuesday: Oklahoma and North Dakota.  Whereas a static web
site with a simple primary calendar lists eight: the two above plus Delaware , South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona,  New Mexico and Virginia,

Does anyone know of a better primary and political event calendar, preferably for iCal?

By the way, isn’t it weird the way all these guys have been hanging
around New Hampshire courting 180 thousand backwoods eccentrics, while
a week from now 8 states will be awarding 50 times more
delegates.  Appearantly none of them has the balls to go for the
mother lode, out of fear that the press will say they “gave up” New
Hampshire and paint them before a gullible public as a

Bet there’s a happy bunch of candidates tonight, whoever wins the damn
election.  Looking down the lineup of states for NEXT Tuesday, we
don’t see a one as cold and gloomy as the Granite State…

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4 Responses to Wanted: Comprehensive Political Calendar

  1. Mike Walsh says:

    “180 thousand backwoods eccentrics”

    As a freshly registered NH voter I take offense at your characterization. (pictures to follow).

    Watch it Feldman…I know were you work! I know the places you hang out!

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Michael – seriously though. As for an authoritative primary calendar you might want to ping Matt over at BOPnews. He seems to eat and sleep this stuff.

  3. Michael Feldman says:

    And I thought I was being diplomatic…

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