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We Need to Work on the Parking

Posted by glasscastle on January 27th, 2004

The Dowbrigade is off to give another driving lesson to his 19-year-old
son, the one who wants a Hummer so he can crush other cars out of parking
spaces, the one who eats frozen burritos raw to save time.  He claims
if he has a driver’s license he can get a job. We suspect this to be
merely another cruel delaying tactic and are going ahead with our secret plan
to leave the country suddenly without telling him.

So this will probably be out last post of the day.  When we get
back from these sessions we are in no shape to do anything but self-medicate
and lie in a quiet, darkened room for a while….

One Response to “We Need to Work on the Parking”

  1. j Says:

    This reminds me of all those times my folks sent me out to ride with one of my brothers when he was learning how to drive. I never really understood why I was the one who had to go …