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Trippi Out, Internet Off, Dean Done


Dean without Joe
and the Internet Strategy is just another angry
little man too close to the edge, and is yesterday’s news as a political

The Dean campaign was always more interesting than the
candidate himself, and the shame of it is they had barely scratched
the surface of the interface between cyberspace and politics before
getting shut down.

As it stands, we will have to wait for ’08 to see the
Internet Strategy taken to the next level on the national stage.  In
the meantime, watch local races, where a few hundred strategically
mobilized voters can swing an election, and targeted protest campaigns
as the probing ground for digital democracy.

Good night, Howard.  Last one out, turn out the

from the

U.K. Legalizes, er, Decriminalizes, er, Does Something to Pot


Police fear ‘cannabis confusion’

The downgrading of cannabis on Thursday will lead to a rise in the number of
drug addicts and criminals, police officers’ leaders have warned.

The Police Federation of England and Wales said many people were confused and
believed the drug was now legal.

Cannabis has been downgraded from Class B to C, which means police will no longer
automatically arrest those caught in possession of it.

The maximum penalty for possession is cut from five to two years in prison.

The government said the re-classification will bring credibility to its drugs
strategy and give police more time to tackle hard drugs.

from the BBC

Quote of the Day


“One of the penalties for being too smart to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


German Heavy Metal


Lars-Erik Fisk: Volkswagenball

at the Fleming
at the University of Vermont

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(698 kb)