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Pigeon’s Flight School

Posted by glasscastle on 30th January 2004


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Who Are the Deaniacs?

Posted by glasscastle on 30th January 2004

An interesting meeting last night of the Thursday night Bloggers crew
at the Berkman.  We noodled around for a while fishing for a
topic, and ended up back at the roots of the group: support for newbies
and discussions of the impact and future of Blogging on “Internet and
Society”, which after all is the Purview of the Berkman Center.

Near the end Jim Moore
stopped by with a fascinating report from inside the Dean
campaign.  The questions floating around the political corner of
the Blogosphere were addressed if not answered: Was the internet
stategy responsible for one of the most spectacular political collapses
in American political history? Will the Interent survive the collapse
as a viable political tool? Will any of the other campaigns pick up the
banner, or will we have to wait another four years for the next stage
in the evolution? After the intense love affair and subsequent bitter
falling out between the Deaniacs and the Media, is there any realistic
hope for a rapproachment?

Good questions, all, but for the Dowbrigade the most interesting moment
in the discussion was trying to put a label on the wellspring of angry
support which the Dean campaign uncovered and which formed the core of
the Dean phenomena.  Are they liberals? Are they “progressives”
(Jim hates that one)?  Are they the “wired electorate”?  It
seems clear that the old labels are inadequate to describe this nascent
political demographic, which is fated and slated to play an increasing
role in each succeeding electoral process, in our humble opinion. Any

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