Hot Curry

Adam Curry, who the Dowbrigade likes to think of as a sort of Daniel
Boone of the Cyber-frontier, having exotic episodic adventures the stuff
of which dreams are made, is at it again….

Wow, I just got word that we received approval from the dutch ministry
of defense to broadcast live from Camp Smitty, Iraq. We leave on the
12th. I will be blogging the entire trip, we even hope to set up a
webcam, since we already are bringing our own uplink and will have
about 380Kbs at our disposal 🙂

Wow! Adam Curry Live from Camp Smitty! Wonder whether the live radio
will be webcast? And will any of it be in English, or Dutch only? We
anxiously await details and will post them in this space….

from Adam Curry’s Weblog

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