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Sharks are one of the wonders of evolution – they remain relatively
uncchanged since the time of the dinosaurs.  However, lately the
changes in the global climate are endangering even this ancient species. 1000
pounds of vicious muscle, teeth and killer instinct, and they don’t have
a chance up againt a Huey…..

The transformation of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems
by humans is well known, but only recently have the impacts of anthropogenic
forces in the open ocean been recognized. In particular, intense exploitation
by industrial fisheries is rapidly changing oceanic ecosystems by drastically
reducing populations of many marine species. For most oceanic species we
lack a historical perspective.

Since the onset of intense exploitation in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950s, the pelagic shark assemblage has declined by over 80%, and the oceanic whitetip shark, initially the most common species, by over 99%.

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