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German Artist Exhibits Real Corpses


DALIAN, China (AP) – Hidden in a maze of factories in the heart of this
northeastern Chinese port city is the house Gunther von Hagens built
– and, for many, a place where nightmares are created.

Inside von Hagens’ sprawling, well-guarded compound, behind a leaning metal fence
pocked with holes, are more than 800 human beings – 200 of his staffers and 645
dead bodies in steel cases from almost a dozen nations.

The anatomist, whose exhibits of preserved human corpses have riled religious
leaders in Europe and attracted the curious and the outraged across the world,
set up shop here three years ago to process bodies for his shows.

from AP

Now That I Have Your Attention



Is Your Mate the One?


Returning to our computer after "lending" it to the Se?ora
Dowbrigade to check her various email accounts, and ruminating on the
anticipated arrival of "The
, we were confronted with the MSN home
page and the shocking headline "Is
Your Mate the On

What a stunning thought!  Could Norma Yvonne actually be "The One"?
Then we realized that, having been born outside the US she could never
be President, although we understand a certain Western governor is working
to have that changed.

Anyway, turns out the article isn’t about Cyber-politics at all, its
a series of 10 questions you need to ask to decide if the person you
are with is your "soul mate".  The first question? "What
is my ideal mate’s political position?" Oy yoy yoy….

Embryonic Journey


The Dean campaign is dead in the water, and the bilge
is building up fast.  The poor Deaniacs don’t know whether to bail,
raise sail or raise bail, but incredibly, they are still at this
late date raising awesome sums of money from their apparently deep-pocketed
grass-roots support.

Friend and fellow Berkman blogger Jim
reports that yesterday the
campaign set a new record for one day contributions, over half a million dollars, and this without
a major organized push for a specific goal.  This was individuals
all around the country sending money with the message "don’t give up."
Dean meanwhile announced that if he fails to win Wisconsin he’s out.

The first question that comes to mind is, what are these people thinking?
You can’t get off the canvas in American Politics and undo the kind of mortal
wound in the public image department suffered by Dean’s campaign, at
least not without the aid and abeyance of the very media conglomerates
which inflicted the wound.

Are these contributors masochistic anti-Capitalists determined to disprove
the proverb, Don’t throw Good Money after Bad? Are they merely innocent
neophytes who don’t know you don’t bet on the gate favorite when she
pulls up lame at the clubhouse turn? Can’t they see that the profligate
misspending of their hard-earned dough by these misguided rookies rivals
the legendary Mike Tyson dissipation
of $200 million
just as Tyson rivals
Dean in the weiner wars?

The second question is, where is this energy and money going to go when
Dr. Dean, who seems to be a conscionable man, feels too ashamed to continue
fleecing his desperate and gullible supporters? What should a true-beliving
Deaniac do with his or her checks after the good Doctor will no longer
accept them?

We feel the answer depends on the answer to another, related question.
Do you think it makes a difference whether Kerry or Bush wins in November.  If
you do, and you really want to make a difference, you should start organizing,
contributing and doing everything you possibly can to help Kerry win,
starting today.

If you don’t think it makes a difference (and many of us have our doubts)
then that same energy and commitment should go to what we see as the
main benefit and achievement of the Dean movement – opening up the political
organizing and fundraising processes to a whole lot of new people, and
making them visible to everybody.

Jim floats the idea of
raising a BILLION DOLLARS (just a million normal folks like you and me
with a thousand dollars to spare – the Dowbrigade could find the
money but is saving it for The
). He seems to be proposing the money
be used to fund a DFA (Dean
for America
) ongoing organization to continue
doing what they’ve been doing. Sounds like a political party, to me.

Which is not a bad idea, although starting it in Dr. Dean’s name at
this point seems obtuse and counter-productive from a karmic point of
view, in addition to being an invitation to demagoguery. Of course, we
understand all of these folks cut their teeth in the Dean Campaign and
will always have a commendable loyalty to the candidate and their campaign,
but in our opinion the tent must be MUCH bigger and more inclusive if
we really hope to wrest the reins of power from the rat-bastards currently
leading us down the garden path to who knows what.

The current campaign is but a rough sketch, a freshman essay, a first
feeble step in the direction of the New Democracy. This revolution is
still in its embryonic stages. We must study and prepare, and be ready
when The
, the first politician who really "gets it" and understands
the tools well enough to use them to lever history, shows up. And we
sincerely doubt he or she will be either a Democrat or a Republican.


Gen-Mod Animal of the Day



Between polution and residual radiation, from are having a tough time surviving these days. In an attempt to save the species, scientists at Wassamadda U have bred a polutant and radiation resistent variety of Boophis difficilis

Unfortunately, the Gen-Mod species achieves its immunity through a highly toxic skin enzyme, which is so caustic that touching one of these babies will result in severe skin lesions and oozing sores in humans. To avoid potential tradegies and lawsuits, the ingenious scientists have modified the frogs’ mottled skin pattern to convey a warning to unsuspecting sapophiles.


from More pictures of deformed frogs

Family Feuds


The Dowbrigade is deeply disturbed about continued United States support for hereditary oligarchies like the despicable regime in Saudi Arabia. There is, in our opinion, no place in the modern world for nations kidnapped and held in thrall by bandit families or clans with no legitimate claim to power beyond ruthlessness and perfidy.

In an open Democracy like the United States, where merit and hard work are the defining characteristics of the ruling class, it is only chance and national good fortune to have found two such leaders in one family. And if, as is looking increasingly likely, that Brother Jeb is being groomed to take up the mantle in a grand Bush-Clinton confrontation in ’08, that will be but further proof that it is ability not paternity that counts in the US. The whole idea of a heredity-based government is so Anti-American as to be unimaginable in an American context.

Hereditary despotic rulers should be hunted down like dogs, or like Udam and Qusay and Saddam Hussein Hopefully, a change of party in the White House will result in a change in foreign policy to withdraw support for clan regimes like Saudi Arabia and Jordan (where King Abdullah took over after the death of his father King Hussein) and refuse to negotiate with North Korea (where KIM Chong-il has ruled since his father and the country’s founder, president KIM Il-song, died in 1994).

Whichever of the two Democratic Party power centers, the Kennedy family in the East or the Clinton Family in the West, is sure to bring some righteous wrath to bear when confronting these medieval hereditary, blood-based regimes. Times have certainly changed.

The Elders of Zion Are At It Again


The Dowbrigade has been wrestling with the Breast Issue since it
was thrust in our face again by the Janet Jackson fiasco. To wit, why
is the male version of the human breast perfectly acceptable while
the female one is Taboo? The only difference we can think of is a four
letter word – MILK!

So what’s wrong with milk? Nothing, in and of itself. Milk is the
lifeblood of human kindness. It is hard to name something healthier
or more wholesome. The problem is when MILK is combined with another
four letter word – MEAT.

And who has a problem with mixing Milk and Meat? THE JEWS! Of course!
This is clearly another example of that tiny semitic minority trying
to disingenuously and covertly impose their Kosher standards on an
unsuspecting Gentile public! Do not let these shylocks have their dastardly
way. Stand up for the purity of Christian meat and milk. Bare those
milk-brimming breasts every chance you get! It’s the American way….