The Man Has No Shame

the Dowbrigade been one of the thousands of poor deluded Dean supporters who gave
record amounts to this moribund campaign last week after recieving an
email soliciting a financial refill
specifically for Wisconsin,
and flatly stating that Dean would drop out if he didn’t win that race,
we would be royally pissed, and considering a lawsuit for fraud and false advertising.
Or at least ask for my money back.

Turns out he really didn’t mean it, and intends to keep all the checks
that keep pouring in and slog on, regardless of how badly he gets stomped
next week – again. The man has no shame, in addition to being a glutton
for punishment.

We personally know people who sent in checks specifically because of
the promise to win or go home. That kind of clear do or die mentality
appeared to many who dispair of these fame-addicted pols who hang around
long after their welcome has faded.

One such tale from Scripting News:

We were talking about the money that Dean raised yesterday, Betsy
volunteered that she had given money yesterday. She gave for two reasons.
I don’t remember the first, but I do remember the second. Dean said either
he wins in Wisconsin or he retires from the race. Betsy, an early Dean
supporter said it’s important that he bow out if he loses. Makes sense
to me. One last push, if it works, great, if not, that’s the end of the

The Dowbrigade feels sorry for all of those gullible innocents who were
taken in by a weak but well-intentioned man who, unfortunately, turned
out to be just another politician. We are still waiting for the One.

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3 Responses to The Man Has No Shame

  1. Donald Larson says:

    I don’t like Dean because: 1) He’s a Democrat; 2) He’s a war wimp who if elected would expose a weakened America (by way of his Presidency) to more terrorist attacks; 3) He has no vison of the world as it is, hell, he doesn’t even know when he’s lost; 4) Can’t keep his word to his ardant supporters who worked hard for his campaign.


  2. Jack Stenner says:

    Well, let’s see. I have the email Dean sent, right here in my inbox. It says:

    Dear Supporter,

    The entire race has come down to this: we must win Wisconsin. <snip>
    Anything less will put us out of this race.

    Thank you,

    Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

    No where does it mention a pledge to drop out of the race. It merely admits that if he doesn’t win Wisconsin, he’s effectively “out of the race.” I think most anyone would agree this is true. He has also mentioned that he wants to influence the dialogue of the Democratic platform. One way to do this is to be the last man standing next to Kerry.

    Just thought I’d clear that up.

  3. bob smith says:

    Fuck You!

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