Devil With a Red Dress On


It has begun, the mudslinging, dirt-digging and photoshopping
of the Presidency.  In caves and digital darkrooms across the nation
and around the globe, evil minds are plotting the image immolation of
both Kerry and Bush. 

Kerry is a gigalo.  Bush is a wimp. Both
of them keep alien lovers in secret sex dungeons beneath their bedrooms…..

Tomorrow the National Enquirer, paragon of American journalism, will come out
with the following revelations, under the headline "John Kerry’s Secret

"(Kerry is) so vain. The first time he took Hollywood star
Dana Delany home, his big move was showing her video clips taken of
him in
the Navy when he was in Vietnam. She never went out with him again. He
dated Morgan Fairchild and Michelle Phillips — and they’ve both donated
to other Democratic candidates for 2004 election. Now what does that
tell you they think of him now?"

…Kerry first ran for Congress — and lost — in 1972, nearly two years after
he wed blue blood Julie Thorne, an heir to a huge Wall Street Fortune.

His dream of entering political life was finally realized when he was elected
Massachusetts’ lieutenant governor in 1982, an office he ran for even though
his wife was battling suicidal depression — and had been for years.

His marriage ended that year as he and Julia separated.

She later wrote two books, admitting she contemplated suicide and had lived a
lonely life with Kerry.

Kerry and Julia didn’t officially divorce until 1988 and she made appearances
with him when he won election to U.S. Senate in 1984.

By the late 1980s, Kerry was floundering financially without the help of a wealthy

For months at a time, he found himself homeless, forced to live with lobbyist
friends or his former brother-in-law David Thorne.

But his financial situation changed when he met his second wife Teresa Heinz,
the widow of Pennsylvania Sen. H. John Heinz, heir to the condiment fortune.
Teresa inherited $550 million from her late husband.

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