H-Bomb Hits Harvard


Dowbrigade breathed a sigh of relief to learn that on Monday our venerable
Alma Mater and Blog-host, Harvard University, had approved a SEX MAG,
apparently to relieve the sexual tension which is rife on the Cambridge
Campus and which we remember so well from our own undergraduate days.
Subtly titled “The H-Bomb” and founded by a couple of undergrad women
(in my prehistoric period known as “Cliffies”),
reportedly will feature "sex and the issues surrounding sex
for men and women of all sexual orientations and tastes."

On Monday, school administrators approved H Bomb, a journal being launched
by two female undergraduates featuring erotic writing and nude photography.

The faculty adviser for the magazine, psychology professor Marc Hauser,
said in an e-mail he was bothered by the use of the term pornography
to describe it.

"It is a literary and art magazine about sex and sexuality," he
wrote. "It
is an important magazine in that it will attempt to grapple with both
interesting and difficult issues, providing a voice for students and
an interesting forum for intellectual exchange."

So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jessica the
Cyber librarian! Pornography is in the eye of the beholder, and the H-Bomb,
like the Dowbrigade
News, obviously has Redeeming Social Value! We can’t wait for the first
issue.  If only the H-Bomb had existed when we were an undergrad,
maybe we could have avoided those three exhausting years spent as a sex slave to Sorgewineia,
Queen of the Mamamanani Tribe in the darkest Amazon, learning the 47 positions
of earthy ecstasy.  Or maybe not.

from the Boston Globe


  1. j

    February 12, 2004 @ 6:10 pm


    Huh? Why are you telling me to put that in my pipe and smoke it? I’m all for free speech and pornography. ???

  2. Mom

    February 13, 2004 @ 10:34 pm


    Three years in the Amazon? Sex Slave? Who Knew?
    Not Mom, thank God. Where are my smelling salts…Mom