Just 9 Teaching Days Until the Great Experiment


The Dowbrigade is starting to get nervous. We have been securely ensconced
at Boston University for so long, we have forgotten how to do anything
else. How will be adapt to a life without students and stultifying meetings?
(We somehow suspect that wherever we end up will inevitably have its
own quota of stultifying meetings).

Is this the dreaded "Mid-Life Crisis"? Let me check. Haven’t bought
a sports car. Haven’t gone for a hair weave, or dyed it orange. Haven’t
traded in Norma Yvonne for some sexy young trophy (she’d kill me). Guess
we’re safe so far.

So what is this Great Experiment? Hopefully this weekend we’ll have
enough time and tranquility to Blog the three Phases of the Project,
the first of which starts this Feb. 27th. Stay tuned….

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