The Blogfather’s Hit List


The downside to being so absorbed in blogging it that sometimes we miss
stuff that gets published in the print and paper world. Imagine our surprise
to finally crack the February issues of Wired and see a story about old
friend Glenn Reynolds, including a list of his top story sources.

It’s almost like the dedicated Instapundit Instafeed the Dowbrigade
proposed back in September to allow fans to follow along on the Instapundit
desktop as the stories are put together one by one. The story names names
and links to links and makes for very interesting reading.

Glenn Reynolds’ blog is the most visited in the world. His site,,
averages more than 100,000 visits each day – as many as a medium-size city daily
or a cable news show.

"I know a little bit about a lot of things, and I have a sense for things
that are more important than people think – or sometimes less important." Reynolds
keeps readers coming back by resisting the urge to play pundit on everything
and instead focusing on important facts and phrases that don’t make the headlines.
Where does he find them all? Wired asked him to talk about his reading list.

His list includes Volokh, Gizmodo, Kaus files, Nanobot and more.  From


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