NATO Official Hacked to Death at Peace Conference

This story has so many hooks the Dowbrigade doesn’t
know which one to grab. The killer was a NATO officer named after our
browser (a killer ap?). The murder took place in an ESL classroom, whose teacher obviously
missed "Defusing Cultural Conflicts in the Classroom" my presentation
at last years TESOL Conference in Baltimore. With better teacher training
these tradegies need not happen.

AN Armenian military officer attending a NATO Partnership for Peace
program was hacked to death with an axe and a knife today by an Azerbaijani
participant, police officials said.
Budapest police Major Valter Fulop told reporters that the suspect, identified
as Ramil S, was detained without resistance accused of committing murder with "unusual

"We say ‘unusual cruelty’ because beside a number of knife wounds on his
chest, the victim’s head was practically severed from his body," Fulop said.

The Armenian Defence Ministry identified the suspect as Lieutenant Ramil Safari
of Azerbaijan and the victim as Lieutenant Garcon Markarian of Armenia.

The interrogation of Safari and witnesses – including Markarian’s Hungarian roommate
– was under way, police Major Jozsef Szigeti said.

The officers were attending an English language course within the framework of
NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, which is aimed at increasing cooperation
between neutral and former Soviet bloc nations and NATO in peacekeeping and other

from Australia

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