New, Independent Mike

Dave, over on Dave
Winer’s Test Site
, is looking for a
good quality microphone to use with his PC. What a coincidence! The Dowbrigade
has been looking for a microphone as well, but we had something a little
different in mind.

Following the trailblazing Chris
, we are wondering about incorporating
sound bites into our blogging.  What we want is a microphone that
DOESN’T PLUG INTO ANYTHING.  It would have an internal power source
and enough digital memory to hold a couple of hours of voice recording.
Light, easy to carry and sneak into closed events, and super-easy to operate
(like one switch: Off-Record-Pause).

When the citizen blogger/journalist returns to his or her computer,
the sound files could be transfered via removable media like CompactFlash,
or downloaded directly via a short USB cable.

We know there are small, hand-held voice tape recorders available, some
digital.  But we have seen people using them, and they DON’T LOOK
LIKE REAL REPORTERS. It looks like they are talking into a camera or
a remote control device. We want one that looks like a real, classic, official
microphone, just with a small digital recorder inside.  We feel
that the interviewees would take us more seriously with a realistic-looking
mike, even if it wasn’t plugged into anything.

Does such a thing even exist?

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