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Our friends and fellow bloggers tell us we should be thankful
that the Dowbrigade News receives so few comments after our postings.
Our all-time high water mark was six comments, on a posting of questionable
taste, and three of those comments were from the Dowbrigade’s Mom, drawing
attention to that fact.

So we have always taken that as a sort of back-handed compliment and
felt uncomfortably unendowed in the comments category. Why is it that our readers
largely refrain from commenting on our efforts? Is is because of the humorous
nature of the material (typical comment: "Ha ha, very funny")? Is it because
our pieces speak for themselves and require no commentary? Or is it that
the majority of our readers can’t really write at all, and mostly come
to look at the pictures?

Our outlook was altered, however, when blogbuddy Andrew
being attacked by a nasty " slow-moving, multi-ip address using comment
robot". Being a digital
, the Dowbrigade has no idea what that actually
is, other than that it clogs your server and blog with nonsensical comments,
but it certainly sounds scary. So maybe we are lucky with our dearth of
commentary. Any comments?

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9 Responses to No Comment

  1. Dave Winer says:

    Is it because our pieces speak for themselves and require no commentary?


    There’s another reason — the posts are so personal that it’s hard to argue or amplify.

    One more — I tend to comment on my own blog.

    It’s so weird, I don’t know why I don’t comment here. It’s not just your site, but all the Berkman sites. I read them, I just don’t comment. Hmmm.

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