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major Hollywood blockbuster has to have its attendant merchandising line.
  People today can’t be content to just go to a movie one or twice
or fifteen times. They have to buy the seatshirt, the juice glasses, the
sheet and pillowcaase sets, toothbrushes, videogames, pajamas, action
figures and Disney-on-Ice reenactments

No one has ever accused Mel Gibson of being anything less than a sensational
showman and consumate capitalist. Current red-hot mercnadising tie-ins to Gibson’s
latest "Passion" include pins, key chains, coffee mugs T-shirts and
2 1/2 inch pewter nails bearing the inscription "Isaiah 53:5," referring
a Bible verse that begins, "He was pierced for our transgressions . . ."

The nails are hung on a leather thong and cost $16.99

February 19, 2004 — Replicas of the nails used to hang Jesus on the
cross have become the red-hot official merchandise linked to Mel Gibson’s
controversial new movie, "The Passion of the Christ."


from the New York Post

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