Unbridaled Web Fertile Ground for Attack Ads

New York Times has an interesting article about how the more ‘liberal’
sensibilities on the Web allow campaigns,
including both Bush and Kerry, to get away with more vicious attack
ads without facing damaging political backlast which has resulted in
the past from placing such ads on TV.

But part of the Web’s appeal has been its unbridled nature, and it
is showing that it can act as a back alley – where punches can be thrown
and things can be said that might be deemed out of place, even if just
at a particular moment, in the full light of the mainstream media.

"The principals themselves feel like they can act out there in a way that they
wouldn’t dare to do in the mainstream media," said Jonathan Zittrain, a director
of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

Mr. Bush’s campaign, for instance, has not been ready to launch a confrontational
television ad, let alone a positive one, because it is trying to cling to the
transcendent trappings of the Rose Garden for as long as possible.

from the
New York Times

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