We’re Always the Last to Learn…


How to cheat at Apple Computer’s much-hyped Pepsi/iTunes music-giveaway

For a chance at a free song from the music download service, buy a specially
marked bottle of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, or Sierra Mist. The underside of
one out of every three caps of these bottles bears the words "ONE
FREE SONG"; the losing caps read "PLEASE PLAY AGAIN." When
John Gales, a 19-year-old college student from Tampa, discovered that
he could tilt the unopened bottle, peer under the cap, and see whether
or not the word "AGAIN" appeared, he graciously decided to
spread the wealth. So he diagrammed the stunt and posted it to his Mac-user
website, MacMerc.com. By the middle of last week, the site had become
so popular he removed everything from it except the page with diagram.
Now, that’s the Pepsi spirit.

from the Boston Globe

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