Cheney Makes “Unrefusable” Offer To Be on Ticket

The Dowbrigade has long maintained that the George Bush Fairy Tale Presidency
was just that, and that after George’s bedtime the grownups come over
the house and truly do the nation’s bidness.

It is clear to us that Dick Cheney,
the putative VP normally found hanging by his heels at an "undisclosed
location" and as hard to pin down as a blob of mercury on a teflon trampoline,
is the
power behind the throne, although it is conceivably true that he in turn
is merely fronting for a further ring of powers so shadowy that their
real names have never passed the lips of a single member of the press
or public.

On the other hand, until recently we believed that holding these opinions
thrust up onto the outer fringes of American political discourse, with
the Area 51 Troopers and the Larouche Loonies. Well, check out Robert
Kutter’s featured editorial in today’s Boston Globe.

DICK CHENEY is the most powerful vice president in US history. Indeed, there
is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that Cheney, not Bush, is the real
power at the White House and Bush the figurehead.

Though Bush is already on record that he wants to keep Cheney as his
running mate this November, I would not be at all surprised if Cheney
were dropped from the Republican ticket. For one thing, Cheney could
become a real liability.

from the Boston Globe

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