Lumberjack Guide to Oral Sex

Valentine’s Day, nothing says "I love you" like oral sex.
It’s a great way to express your appreciation or love for someone.

First off, pick a place and a position.

Thus begins a graphic "how
to" guide on performing a sex
t, published by the student newspaper at Northern Arizona University,
appropriately named "The
". University administrators are flummoxed,
and stalling for time, with a meeting to deal with the scandal set
for next week.

The article is actually quite entertaining if a bit clinical, and includes
culturally obscure gems like " And as Stifler showed us in "American
Pie II," the prostate is very sensitive."

Many questions spring
to mind. Is Northern Arizona a public univeristy or private? How much
is in-state tuition? (After reading this our interested-in-nothing
son may come around) Is this the sort of thing the "H-Bomb" wants
to publish at Harvard? Are lumberjacks and jackettes any good at oral
sex? Are they expecting a rise in their applicants as a result of all this exposure?

Article from AP

Oral Sex article
from "The

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  1. This is an interesting guide to oral sex. 😮


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