Naked Truth About Politics

this will not catch on in the United States, at least at the Presidential
level. Actually, at the state and local level it might provide
revealing insights into some candidates. With this kind of exposure,
perhaps more young people can be turned on to politics. Maybe this is
something we should look at more closely…

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – A Hungarian TV hostess sat naked Wednesday to announce she
is running for a seat in the European Parliament as candidate of the upstart
Union Party.

Anettka Feher, with close-cropped black hair, sat atop a table, legs crossed,
displaying her petite and muscular body wearing nothing but a shy smile and some

She believes disappointment with the political establishment will give her enough
votes to secure a Brussels seat in the June elections.

Hungary joins the EU on May 1 and has been allotted 24 seats in the European
Anettka, who does not give her age but who media have estimated is about 30,
rejects comparisons with Ilona Staller, a former Italian pornstar of Hungarian
extraction, better known as Cicciolina, who was famed for baring her breasts
during a successful campaign for a seat in the Italian parliament with the Radical
Party in 1987.

"If they (Hungarian mainstream politicians) think I am just another Cicciolina,
they are in for a big surprise: I am smart, and I have a daily four-hour presence
on a national television channel," Anettka said.

from Reuters

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