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Catapults, another of the Dowbrigade’s adolescent fascinations was Ancient
Egypt. Today we tend to see Egypt as an interface
between European Enlightenment and Deepest, Darkest Africa and a sort
of Political Sphinx sitting in the Middle of the Middle East; not a democracy,
not a dictatorship, not a friend to Israel, not really an enemy either.

But when Egyptian IT, art and medicine were the most advanced in the
world, the Europeans were living in caves and fighting with sticks. Facets
of the ancient world that captivated the young Dowbrigade? Secret burial
chambers in mountainous pyramids, the Serpent God Set, the birth of Monotheism
under Amenhetep, the wonderfully titled "Book of the Dead", and the
whole area of mummification, the real kind not the swathed-in-bandages
Hollywood kind.

Last week the Egyptian government and IBM unveiled the results of a
remarkable 3-year cooperative project to create a state-of-the-art virtual
repository for the best and most advanced artifacts and digital displays
of the art, science and culture of Ancient Egypt.

Called "Eternal Egypt" it is chock full of multimedia, Shockwave, interactivity
and 360 degree VR views, live webcams and high-resolution, zoomable images.
we wish
we could have discovered this 35 years ago! It could have changed our

from the
New York Times

Eternal Egypt Site

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  1. ‘Political Sphinx sitting in the Middle of the Middle East’?? That’s the best description of contemporary Egypt I’ve heard for a long time!

  2. Bob Fast says:

    Do you know that there is a KFC right by the sphinx? It just shows that America ruins everything.

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