Sanskrit Boy on the “Passion”

Ryan Overbey has a great review of
the “Passion” movie. We are trying to read a variety of reviews,
because this is one movie the Dowbrigade will never see.  Not for
religious reasons – but we get faint at the sight of blood.  We
didn’t make it through “Carrie” or “The Exorcist.”  Still we are
glad Ryan saw it and can explain it to us….

People sing songs like “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb” in church,
strumming away at acoustic guitars and following along on the overhead
projector, but they have no idea what those words mean. They’re
thinking of lots of things when they sing those songs, but surely
they’re not imagining themselves soaked in blood, dripping wet with the
stuff, smelling the metallic stink of it, and wondering what being
washed in it actually means.

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  1. Hans Millard says:

    sehr gut Saite. Was machen Sie mein Freund?
    keep it up !

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