Thai Bars Hit With Cinderella Law

entertainment industry is prepared for a blow as a new law comes into
effect to enforce midnight closing on bars and clubs.

The only exceptions will be a few zones in the capital, Bangkok, and some resorts,
where bars can open to 0200.

Thailand’s government says the law is part of its campaign to curb juvenile crime
and drug abuse.

What! Bangkok bars closing earlier than in straight-laced Boston? Say it
ain’t so! Our recollection of Bangkok nightlife, admittedly somewhat
hazy, doesn’t include much at all BEFORE midnight. We do remember one
year being holed up in the Honey Hotel, an infamous dive of the faded
jaded elegance variety off the main drag in Sukamvit, watching the
NFL Playoffs with a shady hologram salesman and a member of the Malaysian
who was
on extended
leave or AWOL.

There were two games on each night. The first game started around 1
am. Green Bay was kicking ass, and the Dowbrigade was up and down at
the same time. We were sampling all of Thailand’s vices serially and
sometimes simultaneously, and betting

But despite the visceral rush of professional playoff football on the
tube and money on the bedspread, the highlights of those evenings were
our mini expeditions out into the bars and nightclubs BETWEEN the early
and late games. What with all the commercials and inane analysis we had
almost an hour between games.

Luckily there were approximately 2 thousand bars and nightclubs within
a two block radius of our hideout. The short narrow streets were packed
with sloshed, buzzed, stunned, stoned or staggering individuals of all
known races and sexes.  The sky was ablaze in a neon cacophony better
than any art installation we had ever seen. 4 to 5 AM seemed to be prime
time in that part of Bangkok, anyway.

And the shows, inside the clubs, upstairs, downstairs, around back,
in hidden, windowless rooms, were truly astounding in their
sheer imaginative variety. Despite our extensive knowledge of human anatomy
and erotic activity in diverse cultures, we were exposed to numerous
feats we would have never admitted possible had we not witnessed them
with our own eyes.

All that – Gone! Lets hear from some Thai Bloggers. Is this really going
to work? What are those "special zones" in the capital? Why do they want
to reschedule the youth crime and drug use for earlier in the evening,
so more kids can take part before bedtime?

Trust your tireless correspondent to keep an eye on this one, dear readers….

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6 Responses to Thai Bars Hit With Cinderella Law

  1. I have returned from Thailand recently and I didnt even know this law existed. I spent some time in Bangkok, but I stayed in the bar district the whole time and played around with the girls.

    I went north into Lopburi as well and visited some bars, and I know I was out past midnight a couple of times. Its more rural out there though I dont know if they really care as much.

  2. well this is very useful… (at least for me)

    very thanks

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  3. This rule sucks big time but if you hang about the right bars you will find there are underground places open for some after hour drinks and the rest 🙂

    Thailand Bar Girls

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  5. yeah the time that the nightlife closes seems to change almost monthly but still a great city to go out in.

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