BU – Fraud or Incompetence?


The Saga of the poor little rich University that couldn’t,
continues.  Now, Alex Beam reports in today’s Globe that the Boston
University School of Law (disclaimer – The Dowbrigade has taught there
the past three summers and hopes to do so this summer as well), jealous
no doubt of the snazzy new School of Management, is raising funds for an equally
snazzy $110 new Law School megaplex.

Except that the $36 million on hand to start construction suddenly turned
up missing. According to Dean Cass, there is actually less than $10.
The rest? Your guess, appearantly, is as good as ours….

So was it fraud, or was it incompetence? Everyone I spoke with suspects
the latter, but so what? I asked the university spokesman if anyone would
be held accountable for the embarrassing shortfall; my question was greeted
by silence. Accountability? This is a university that is paying a man
$1.8 million not to show up to work as its president. No one is accountable.

from the Boston Globe

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