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Seventeen Including Sedna


the Dowbrigades’s unofficial count, this is at least the eighth time they
have discovered a 10th planet. Do they keep discovering the same one
over and over, or are there really SEVENTEEN planets?

Scientists in the
United States were expected to announce today that they had found
a new "planet" in our solar system, after spotting
a 10th heavenly body orbiting the sun.

After sightings by the Hubble telescope and the Spitzer space telescope,
Nasa has announced that it would present the"discovery of the most
distant object ever detected orbiting the sun".

The find was made by Dr Michael Brown, associate professor of planetary
astronomy at the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, who
is working on a Nasa-funded
project, the organisation said.

The object has been named Sedna, after the Inuit goddess of the ocean.

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Set Phasers to Stun


not just that science is running a little ahead of schedule, delivering
a lot of 23rd century technology right here at the start of the 21st,
like wireless communicators, wall-mounted flat-panel displays, and unisex
velour jumpers. Now, it appears that
many modern designers have been stealing style points
from Star Trek for years….

"When I designed the UI (user interface) for the Palm OS back in
’93, my first sketches were influenced by the UI of the Enterprise bridge
panels,” said Rob Haitani, product design architect for Palm-One Inc.,
the Milpitas firm that makes the popular handheld personal computers.

"Years later, when we designed the first Treo (a combo phone and wireless
PDA), it had a form factor similar to the communicators in the original series.
It had a speakerphone mode so you could stand there and talk into it like Capt.