A Urinal That’s Hard to Miss

Even though
they allow for high-volume servicing and back-in-a-flash trips to the
john, the point-and-shoot-a-stinky-deodorizer-cake oddity
known as the men’s
restroom urinal has been, for women, a constant enigma. But nothing will prepare
you for the men’s room in the newly-designed Virgin Airways Clubhouse in New
York’s John F. Kennedy airport, terminal 4: Urinals shaped like a woman’s mouth,
dolled up with red lipstick, wide open and ready for business.

"In anything that we do there has to be a smile, and that;s the smile in this
Clubhouse,"said John Riordan, Vice President of Customer Services for Virgin

The urinals, called Kisses, were designed by Netherlands based company Bathroom
"Kisses – the sexy urinal, makes a daily event a blushing experience! This is
one target men will never miss!,"said the Bathroom Mania team via e-mail from
the Netherlands.

from Fashion
Wear Daily

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One Response to A Urinal That’s Hard to Miss

  1. George Wheeler-Brownlee says:

    Sad. Sad. Very, very sad. So demeaning to women.

    I am not a prude, but this is truly disgusting!

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