VA IT Dir. Stole $40K for Sex and BMW

Mar 17, 2004 — The Town of Leesburg’s former director of Information
Technology was sentenced this morning to four months in jail for stealing
nearly $40,000 from the town to pay for escort services and to buy high-performance
car parts for his BMW sports car over a period of a year and a half.

Michel Agujia, 38, of Frederick, MD, said in Loudoun Circuit Court that he was
using the Town of Leesburg’s purchase card to pay for sex with escorts because
he was labeled by a therapist as a sexual addict two years after a tumor was
removed from his brain, allowing his hormones to return to a normal level for
a male.

Agujia was sentenced by Loudoun Circuit Court Judge Burke F. McCahill to six
years in prison with all but four months suspended and three years of supervised
probation upon his release. Agujia was convicted on two counts of stealing money
from the town and faced a potential sentence of 40 years in prison.

from Leesburg2day

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