Sheik Yer Iraqui War Booty

For Sale: One white leather
sequined jumpsuit found in Hussein Presidential compound in Bagdad. Guarenteed authentic…

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)
— A year after the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein’s
in Iraq, items touted as having come from Saddam’s palaces have turned
up for sale on the auction Web site eBay.

The seller of one secondhand rug lists the previous owner of the roughly
6-by-9-foot piece of carpet as ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Customers can also bid on silverware embossed with the Iraqi army’s crest
and a copy of the Koran, the Muslim holy book, which is purported to be
from a Baghdad compound.Both Cramer and Dearinger said
the items they’re now selling were declared and cleared by U.S. Customs
upon their return home.

"They didn’t say anything bad about taking the rugs home, or artifacts.
They considered them war trophies," Dearinger said.

But Cmdr. Dan Gage, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, said soldiers
are not allowed to bring back "war trophies" — only legally
purchased souvenirs.

"Would this fall under that? I don’t know," Gage said.

Dearinger said decisions about what was a legitimate souvenir were left
up to individual commanders. But Gage said the regulations covering war
trophies don’t appear to leave much to an officer’s discretion.

from CNN

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