Video Aggregator 1.0

Great News! Andrew
over at MIT has
taken a giant step towards one of the hottest applications of RSS on
the horizon – the video aggregator.  ReadRSS, released
today in version 0.4d, is a nifty piece of software that sits in your
TiVo and
allows it to download and compile video feeds contained in RSS streams. You
can even schedule the thing to record certain feeds at certian times.

We aren’t quite to the point we had imagined, when we get
home from work to find a couple of hours of aggregated video waiting
for us including Strong-Bad, the weather, the Adam Curry video feed,
live independent reporting from wherever the battlezone is at that time,
a video postcard from an ex-student in China, the Glenn Reynolds Show,
snippets containing
every mention of "Ecuador" "Big Tent Movement" "artificial intelligence"
and anything else on my list of filtered buzzwords which has appearred
on the major news channels over the previous 24 hours, buffered with
a minute or so of air time on each end, BluntTV from Canada, and maybe
some additional streams we can’t imagine because they haven’t been invented

But anyway, out hat’s off to Andrew, and when we see him
we want to be the first to tell him – What took you so long? No, really, Great work!
Now all we have to do is

a) buy a Tivo ($150 and up)
b) subscribe to a service ($13 a month and up)
c) find RSS feeds with video enclosures, and
d)figure out how to tell it what to do

The Dowbrigade trembles at the very thought of these daunting tasks.
Yet the goal of the quest merits the effort: our dreamed-of video aggregator.
And luckily, we have some VERY smart friends who can help even a digital
idiot like the Dowbrigade to figure these things out….

Addendum: Oopps, looks like the Dowbrigade got it wrong again, or at least is a bit premature. Check out Andrew’s comment, or better yet, the complete explanation on Andrews Blog

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  1. Andrew Grumet says:

    Whoa there, big fella. In its current form RssReader doesn’t pull video from the Web. Instead, it uses information in the feed to schedule recordings from cable. Now, would I like to be able to pull video from the Web? Absolutely. And, at least on the hacker’s bench, it’s a reachable goal.

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