Why My Son Was a Sourpuss

For about a week last months, the back bedroom
belonging to Number 2 son had a distinct stink of vinegar, in Addison
to the usually ripe male teenaged bouquet. Upon repeated inquiry and
investigation (not so easy to pull the wool over the Dowbrigade’s eyes)
we were informed that it was part of an intense short-term therapy designed
to get him past
the drug
test and into the US Marines, and recommended by his Marine "sponsor",
the 20-year-old stationed down at the local recruiting station.

you can imagine the multidimensional ethical dilemma that revelation
set off in the Dowbrigade family.
We won’t even get into it other than to say said son is about to head off to
Peru to help his brother run an adventure tourism hotel in an idyllic
Andean valley known as the "Switzerland of South America" rather than
reporting to Camp Pendelton as originally planned, and that we have
dropped plans to sue the Marines. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Now it turns out our son could have pulled the wool over our eyes by
claiming he was guzzling vinegar to lose weight! Who knew? As we are
all moving to South America it will be up to the next tenants in this
beautiful apartment to try to get the vinegar smell out of the rug.


in Chile
have issued a
warning over a craze by women to drink apple vinegar
to try
their weight.

They say there is no scientific evidence that it works and that it could
cause stomach problems, including gastroenteritis.

According to Las Ultimas Noticias, the new diet craze started out in
Chile with women taking apple vinegar pills to lose weight.

But then they started drinking liquid vinegar instead and some supermarkets
have reported a 100% increase in sales.

Doctor Gladys Vallet said: "Since ancient times, women have used
vinegar to lose weight. It seems to work but it is not scientifically

But she said doctors had noticed a big increase in the number of patients
complaining of stomach upsets in surgeries.


from Ananova

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