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Dutch Treat


been too long since the Dowbrigade has visited Holland, one of the most
beautiful and enlightened countries on the planet. This
picture appeared today on Adam
Curry’s Weblog
, and it all came back to
me like a dream of satiated desires. Perhaps after returning from Ecuador,
Amsterdam will be our next foreign destination.

However, we have a couple of questions in the meantime about this lovely
painting. What are those curious crops in the foreground, marked with
the Skull
Crossbones, the universal icon for poison? Frankenfood? And why does
this lovely lass have a bandage over her median cubital vein? Has she just given
blood? Had a transfusion? And what’s with the smokestack in the background?
If Adam, the artist, or anyone else has any ideas, inquiring minds thirst
to know.

In addition, anyone knowing of any Dutch university lecturships in Blogging
or English Language and Literature, or even a conference we could attend
to write off the trip, please contact this correspondent….

from Adam
Curry Live

Buy High, Sell Low


This may explain why the Dowbrigade sold his 19-year-old son down the
river for a song after Game 7 of the ALCS last October.

PITTSBURGH – Seemingly incidental emotions can influence the prices
at which individuals buy and sell goods, according to a groundbreaking
study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

While prior research has found that people set a higher price for objects they
own than they themselves would be willing to pay – which economists call the
endowment effect – the Carnegie Mellon study found that people who are sad actually
willing to accept less money to sell something than they would pay for the same
The researchers also found that when people experience disgust, both buying and
selling prices fall. This multidisciplinary study will be published in the May
edition of Psychological Science, the prestigious journal of the American Psychological

from Carnegie Mellon

Haute Couture or Hoax Du Jour


accompanying photos were forwarded by an ESL teacher in Japan. He reports
that the latest fashion craze among young Japanese
women are these print skirts, which appear to be see-through but actually
are designs printed on the fabric. While we do not know the sender personally
and thus cannot vouch for the authenticity of the report, it seems like
an original and attractive style to us. But then, the Dowbrigade has been known to leave the house in a cumberbund and bunny slippers, and little else….

How could we NOT post a story featuring a titillating
optical illusion that pokes fun at the Japanese AND that monumental waste of resources which some call
the fashion industry? These are a few of my favorite things!