Kitty Update

Somewhat surprisingly, our “Kitty Call” has generated more comments than any other Dowbrigade posting ever. We would like to sincerely thank all of the people who offered to help. Many of them were too far away, like in other states, but we firmly believe good intentions are rewarded somewhere, sometime. What goes around comes around.

Then there are the people who seem to be trying to make a little profit from our misfortune, offering to “help us out” for $25 or $30 dollars a day, which would be OK for some folks, but for us right now $2,000 is a mountain of money, and one of the reasons we are putting all of our stuff in storage is to save a couple of months rent and utilities and try to pay off some of our back bills. Such is the life of teachers and “lecturers”.

Finally some unfortunate readers have been quite rude, telling us either that we are cruel monsters unfit to own animals, or that we should “get over it” because they are “just” dumb animals and should basically be seen as disposable.

We still don’t have a solution but have two possibilities who are coming over tomorrow to meet the kitties and talk. We will update the situation when something is resolved. Thanks again to all who care.

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One Response to Kitty Update

  1. Janine says:

    I found your posting on google and am in a similar situation with my cat and just dont know what to do. I’m leaving to work on an oceanographic research vessel that’s going down to Chile to research the rainforest and marine life there for about 7 months to a year. I’ve had my cat for about a year (I found him on the street in Brooklyn, NY when he was 3 weeks old).

    I’ve asked friends and relatives and no one can take him – they either have too many pets already, or are allergic, or their roommates would kill them, or they would want to keep him. I’ve looked into boarding them with a family-run business in FL for the whole time, but it would cost about $5,000 and I just graduated from college 2 yrs ago and just dont have that kind of money. I’ve looked into foster care, but they would adopt him out certainly. Do you have ideas?


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