Dean Addresses Bloggers Brunch, Attacks Press Objectivity

This morning at the fashionably late hour of 10 am, in the Fenway
suite of the Hilton, we attended the Blogger’s Brunch, an official welcome
on the part of some of the party joes who
are in
charge of keeping us on-line and out of trouble.  We can tell that
they are a bit nervous, slightly edgy, at the novel challenge of riding
herd on a bunch of in predictable bloggers.

Maybe their mates or drinking buddies have been telling them horror
stories, some possibly true, of the grazing and mating habits of bloggers
in general. But we were on our best behavior as a parade of quasi-famous
hacks and hanger’s on told us how important, and innovative, and exciting
we were.

The surprise featured speaker at the Brunch was the man who started
all this Internet in mainstream politics, Gov. Dr. Howard Dean. He bounced
into the room, seemingly completely recovered from the savage thrashing
he took at the hands of the enemies of the opening up of the political
process.  He opened by taking credit for all of our invitations
to the convention, and took it from there. He was more relaxed and convincing
than either of the times we had seen him in New Hampshire.

During an extended Q & A he revealed that he really did not blame the
Major Media for the failure of his campaign, and that he did more than
enough wrong to have blown it without any help from them.

When he started talking about the Internet is when things got interesting.
"The critical lesson has not yet been learned," he declared, "Blogs do
work!" He really seemed to  have absorbed the fact that it
wasn’t about the money, but about the INTERACTIVITY, and the capacity
of the internet to allow ordinary people to get involved in politics

When the Dowbrigade asked Dean if he had talked with Kerry or his campaign
about what the Internet is good for anything besides raising money, he
immediately got cagey and reverted to talking like a politician. "In
the past few months I have gotten to know John Kerry quite well, as a
friend, and I am indeed advising him and consulting closely with his
campaign,  And I don’t feel at liberty to discuss the contents of
those conversations."

We took that as a definite yes, although an evasive smarmy yes. Perhaps
seeing our frown, he softened and added, "Although discussions like this
might have been something we might have talked about."

But the thing that most impressed us and stayed with us was the fire
and resentment when a blogger asked him if our inclusion in the Convention
meant that we were :"real" journalists now. He responded by wondering
if it was really a designation we should aspire to, considering the major
media scandals of the past few years. He said that in many ways he found
the opinionated, from-the-heart ranting’s of bloggers more honest than
the affectedly "objective" reporting of the major papers and networks.

At this point he gave the most effective and succinct of what;s wrong
with modern American journalism we have ever heard.  "They say that
all of their coverage is objective, and sure, in the first few paragraphs
they present the basic who what when or where.  But by the third
paragraph they are speculating – If this happens, it means…… or,
The result could be that…… and what follows IS NOT FACT, IT IS SPECULATION.
It is opinion, and yet they are presenting it as objective news!  And
they are doing this over and over and over, throughout the newspaper."

Amen.  At least the Dowbrigade and his ilk let you know from the
gitgo that we are an opinionated son of a bitch, so take it for what
its worth…


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  1. phoebesofla says:

    John Dean?

  2. richard says:

    John Dean

  3. richard says:

    John Dean!

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    Perhaps he means Howard Dean, but I’m not sure…

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