Live and Direct from the Convention Floor

After some technical problems with the Wi-Fi address we are now online,
live and direct from the floor of the Democratic National Convention.
The photo above was taken this afternoon, from the small stage within
the Steel Cage designated as the official Protest Pen. Note the
razor wire and mesh netting designed to protect the regular democrats
from the protesters.

Right now, on the podium directly across from our seats, they are introducing
the last Presidential candidate the Dowbrigade voted for who actually
won – Jimmy Carter.

Of all of the players we have been able to identify so far, the protestors,
the police, the party big-wigs, the reporters and the convention organizers,
the most charmingly innocent and naive are the delegates themselves.  The
politicians may be sleazy and cynical, the reporters may be jaded and
unscrupulous, but the delegates, the rank-and-file, everyday Democratic
delegates, elected by their friends and neighbors in primary elections
or selected in statewide caucuses way back in the winter.  These
are real people, teachers and librarians, farmers and store owners. And,
amazingly in
this day
and age, they still
believe in the promise of the City on the Hill, the vision of the Founding
Fathers, and the good intentions of the leaders of the only political
party they have ever known, most of them, their entire lives.

Carter has made his slow dignified way to the podium and is about to
start his speech. Signing off, for now……



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24 Responses to Live and Direct from the Convention Floor

  1. ben frank says:

    Is there any sign of intelligent life amongst the delegates? Watching the endless platitudes on c-span is depressing. Isn’t anyone going to stand up and suggest that we dump the bullshit speeches and start discussing the issues that face our country. Don’t they see the big bud light sign on the fleet center and ‘get it’ – why are they letting the corporate controlled DLC create the platform and the schedule for the convention. Somebody has to tell them that this is not what real conventions are about, they are supposed to be about the issues.

    We just need one delegate to stand up and suggest that their time would be better spent (and more enjoyable) were they to open a debate on the party platform, not just rubber-stamping the DLC’s ideas. Is there anybody alive in there?

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