Daily Archives: July 30, 2004

To My New Friends in the Media

During the Democratic Convention the Dowbrigade (seen here with some of his vegetable friends) noticed a certain competetive distrust bordering on dislike between the Bloggers and members of the more traditional media. Yesterday we tried to understand the reasons the … Continue reading

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Once In a Blue Moon

John Kerry got lucky last night. As a 30-year Boston resident the Dowbrigade has heard him deliver a lot of speeches. And informal chats. And press conferences. So we can say with some authority that he delivers an oratorical gem … Continue reading

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Kerry Climax Begins Reign of Balloons

Somehow, now that The Man is up on the stage, giving “the most important speech of his life”, it seems like almost an afterthought. But we came all this way, we may as well blog it. He opens with, “My … Continue reading

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