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Shopper’s Secret

One of the lesser known shopping secrets of Boston is a rundown warehouse in the industrial zone behind the Boston Medical Center know both colloquially and officially as "Zapatos".  As the name suggests they specialize in shoes, although they also … Continue reading

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Why We Supported the War

It’s getting hard to remember a time before blogging, but at the time of the US invasion of Iraq the Dowbrigade did not exist. However, some recent readers may be surprised to find that in the run-up to and immediate … Continue reading

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We Know We Swore on a Stack of Bibles…..

After last October’s soul-Wrenching debacle in the American League Championship Series, we swore on our daughter’s firstborn child that we would never, absolutely, unequivocally, NEVER, if we lived to be 100, give our heart away to a baseball team, ESPECIALLY … Continue reading

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