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Election Fraud Preview


the embarrassing debacle which passed for
a Presidential Election in the US in 2000, featuring hanging chads,
voters turned away from the polls, lost ballots,  double and triple
dipping and no decisions for over a month after election day, we had
naturally assumed that the post-election cleanup would include a serious
revamping of electoral laws, voting regulations and election day enforcement.

Judging by both first hand observation and news reports from around
the country, we were sorely mistaken.

Steve Garfield, in
his groundbreaking
video blog
, reports from several
polling places in the Boston area that NOBODY is respecting the legally
mandated 150 ft buffer zone around the actual polling place within which
no signs or electioneering is allowed.  Steve found sign-wielding
campaign workers camped on the front steps and at the doorways of the polling
stations themselves. Their reactions when confronted by Steve are worth
a look.

Our own experiences on Tuesday, which was primary day here is Massachusetts,
were equally unsettling. Voting our of habit, but for the first time in
our new District, we were pleased to find our name on the voter’s list,
and we were able to vote without showing any ID or proof of citizenship.
We could have been anyone! We are equally sure we are still on the rolls
in our previous address and could have easily voted twice had we so desired.

As it was, voting once was probably overkill.  The only primary
race we were even aware of was for Sheriff, where a feisty black woman
with dreads was up against a beefy pasty while guy who looked like he’d
spent his entire life on the Force, some Force, somewhere. Needless to
say, and true to form, we wanted to vote for the Black woman.

However, our grasp on the local political situation is so tenuous that
we had failed to realize that the aforementioned race was in SUFFOLK Country,
and we lived in MIDDLESEX County! Confronted with three Democratic candidates
for Sheriff, all with Irish Male sounding names, we cast a write-in vote
for the Dowbrigade for Sheriff.

In fact, we voted for write-in candidates for almost all of the offices
on the ballot.  In most cases, there was a single official candidate
listed, which puzzled and pissed us off. If a candidate is the unanimous
choice of the party and is not being challenged, why even put him (they
were all hims) on the ballot at all? An election with only one candidate
is a sham and and show, reminiscent of the Soviet system or Iraqi elections.
And this was just a PRIMARY election, for Christ’s sake – why even HAVE
a primary if there is only one candidate?

So we wrote in our own candidates for each of the one-man races. Our
profligate son for Treasurer. Ecuadorian economist Norma Yvonne for Attorney
Dowbrigade for Sheriff. Let the election board sort things out.

Finally, today’s Boston
features an excellent Op-Ed piece by Jeff
Jacoby titled "How
to Steal an Election
" in which he categorically states
that the United States has an electoral system that would be an embarrassment
in Honduras or Ghana. People voting multiple times, illegal aliens registering
and voting by the thousands, people registering toddlers and pets and requesting
absentee ballots for them.

The tidbit that really blew our mind was the incredible contention that
apparently 8 of the 9/11 HIJACKERS, all Saudis, had registered to vote
in Virginia or Florida while training for their suicide mission!

"Under the National Voter Registration Act — the `Motor Voter
Law’ — states are required to accept voter registrations by mail.
No longer can citizens be asked to make a trip to town hall or the
office. No longer do they have to provide
proof of residence or citizenship. In fact, they don’t have to exist.
Motor Voter obliges election officials to add to the voter list any
name mailed in on a properly filled-out registration form. Anyone so
can then request an absentee ballot — by mail, of course. The system
is not only open to manipulation, it invites it."

Globe oped piece

Steve Garfield’s Video Blog