In A Fog, As Usual

As we drove to work this morning along Memorial Drive,
the fog lay thick over the Charles like gravy on a blue-plate special.
A pack of geese ate grass and automobile exhaust. In the background is
the Weeks Bridge (pedestrian) to the Harvard Business School.  In
the foreground note the cameraman in the mirror.

We get some of our best ideas on this drive, every morning.
Unfortunately, we have narrowly escaped accidents on several occasion
as we try to write down good blogging phrases and lines before they
get away, while maneuvering through typically cutthroat Boston commuter

Sculls cut through the calm morning water, silent and shrouded
in fog. The whole effect was spooky, like a dream, and we hoped we woke
up before our class started.  Or not.

photos by Dowbrigade

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